How To Effectively Break Down A Basketball Game Film

5451a9bac173c.preview-699For high school basketball coaches, breaking down game film can be very frustrating because of the demands of teaching in a classroom as well.  After all…basketball coach isn’t your only job.  Here are 6 quick tips to help you break down game film more effectively so you are not spending so many hours staring at a screen.

  1. Start by watching the defensive end of the floor first.  It is amazing what you will learn about your team and the over-all game by focusing on the defense aspect of the game.  I will literally fast forward each possession to the defensive side so that I don’t get caught up and side tracked by the offensive side of the floor (this is very easy to do).  When I fast forward to only one aspect of the game I become very focused and it only takes about 20-30 minutes to break down the defense and have some solid notes written in my basketball coaching planner.  Next, I will do the same thing with the offensive end of the floor.
  2. Don’t get bogged down in every single possession.  As coaches we have a tendency to read too much into the breakdown of each possession.  The game of basketball moves too fast and there is very little if any transition time.  Therefore, if you focus on each possession you will get slowed down in details and it will take hours upon hours to finish watching game film.  The key is to look for overall important tendencies.  For example:  When I am breaking down the defensive end I may notice that my team is not taking away the baseline drive.   I will note that in by basketball coaches planner and make sure I implement the drills in practice planning to fix the problem.
  3. Watch the game film with your players.  Come up with 3 defensive principles and 3 offensive principles for your team to focus on during your film session.  Make copies of your blank film break down pages from your basketball coaching planner and hand them out to your team to use while they watch.  Ask them to make their own notes regarding the 3 offensive keys and 3 defensive keys as they view the film.
  4. Do not watch the whole film with high school athletes from start to finish.  Use the same technique with them that you did when you were breaking it down.  Only show them the defensive end and then the offensive end.  Again…this will allow them to focus in on what you want them to get out of the film.  Only pause it and further break it down on 4 or 5 possessions so they don’t get sick of watching the film.
  5. Your film session with your players should be no more than 45 minutes long.  Players will lose focus then the session becomes a waste of time rather than a productive and positive learning experience for you and your players.  Tell them it will only be 45 minutes and then stick to it.  Learn how to become clear and concise.  It will become your most important skill in becoming a successful basketball coach.
  6. Keep track of your filming notes in a place that you can easily access and review them.  This will make breaking down the next film even quicker and easier.  I use my basketball coaching planner.  It’s a great way to keep myself organized with practice plans, game plans, scouting reports, and film sessions.

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Illustration of tyre game as a team building exercise

8f5b918d2aa5d49524099b6e36674ae8There are a number of team building exercises and one of the famous team building games is the tyre game it is a wonderful team building game for the teams of ideally the number of 10-15, it is important to note the fact that a minimum of six people per team will also work and in the real time scenario it is important to note the fact that there is no upper limit for the number of members per team. The maximum number depends on the amount of space that is available and even on the level of importance that is being levied on the planning stage. The total group size remains as large as 10-15 persons and a minimum of six people per team will work.

It is also important to note the fact that the team building exercise will be a terrific event for the conferences and even the warm-ups of the quite large groups. The things that you will require for this interesting game is two bicycle tyres with different thread patterns for each and every team, The game would be organized as follows it is important to note the fact that you will organize each team into a circle and the hands of the team members will be tightly clasped. The facilitator will now introduce the tyres at the opposite point of the circle by just unclasping the hands of the two members and the tyres would be hanging on their arms. Their arms should again be joined by clasping their hands.

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Video games in the 80’s, and how things are today. How they can influence people in a positive way

7304008-3x2-700x467All right. A lot of the games from the 80’s are either coming back or getting remade. Those were good days, when people would interact with each other in real life, and life was more simpler with things such as people going to the stores to buy things such as video games, despite costing like 30-80 dollars, companies such as Sega, Atari, Nintendo were starting out as the biggest game companies and the systems were bought all the time in actual stores, especially around the holidays. Ah, the nostalgia.

The first video game that came out was Pong, which was nothing more than two rectangles hitting a square from one side to another. From that came Space war, and combat as well as other games. Two other games to make an impact were pac-man,a nd space invaders, which spawned imitations, etc., etc, etc.

Ah, but before the aforementioned years, the graphics weren’t so good, and they had to make up for it in movement of the graphics, such as crazy movement, or camera tricks, like the colored squares and circles moving, and zapping. Still, it was fun to play in the arcade, when you could get together with friends or a group and do that. They still do when they can.

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Game Guides of Taichi Panda That You Want to Know

taichi-panda-ss4Guys, are you a big fan of action game? You must know Taichi Panda if you are addicted to action game. According to the official data, Taichi Panda’s rank increases rapidly in mobile game marketing. Many players are addicted to the amazing action game. Do you want to be the master of this game? Read these article carefully and you could get some Taichi Panda cheats that can help you play this game.

Taichi Panda is a new 3D action role-playing game from developer Snail Games. The game follows the adventure of 3 heroes, which make up the 3 possible characters available to play as: a Daoist martial artist named Pan Da; a valiant knight named Lulandore; and a nimble treasure hunter named Lauren Catcher. These heroes are on a mission to save the world from an evil prince and his cohorts of goblins, monsters and ne’er-do-wells.

Taichi Panda is set in a fantasy land known as the Avzar Continent, or often simply as Avzar. The land had been protected against evil for as long as any could remember by the great prophet, Vallar and his disciple Aria. In recent times, a greedy dark prince captured Vallar, and left Aria with no powers. Upsetting the balance, Avzar is now plagued by goblins, monsters, bandits, and evil magic. It is up to our three adventurers to help Aria uncover the mystery, save Vallar, and defeat the evil to restore balance.

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Prank Game – A Funny Trick Game Everyone Will Enjoy

03-facebook-pranks-jerkI remember it like it was yesterday. My sister (yes … that is her in the picture) had just arrived home from a long trip, and my family and I were all together just playing games as a family. Before my sister arrived home, we had all decided that we would pull a prank on my sister and play a trick game on her that we had never played before.

So, we got out the camera, got the lipstick, and we all tried to keep a straight face. The game was called: “Inchypinchywinchy.” Yes, the name says it all! There is no skill required in this game – it is not educational, intellectual, challenging, or competitive in any way. You simply have to try and not laugh and give away the ‘secret’ to the victim. To this day, it still is one of the funniest and most memorable games we have ever played as a family. It was just a trick/prank game – but it was a blast. Have fun playing it – but make sure you do it on someone who does not know what is going on!


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